Right Around the Corner!!

Elliot the Cat in "Right Around the Corner"...that's me

Elliot the Cat in “Right Around the Corner”…that’s me

I debuted my short film “Right Around the Corner” last weekend in Atlanta, GA….that’s where I live. A lot of people came out to watch, and they got to listen to the greeeeeat music and musicians that provided music. Liiiiiiiiiike Jonas Friddle and the Majority and Sugar Tree!! I wanted everybody to listen to their awesome music! Enjoy and stay tuned.

Jonas Friddle and the Majority!

Annnnd SugarTree

What great music!

Days and Knights!

Huzzah Pen Pal,

Elliot, King of Cats has arrived!

Elliot, King of Cats has arrived!


I had a ball today! I got up nice and early (10:30!!) and headed down to Fairburn, Georgia for my adventure. I got a chance to see kings and queens and knights and…weird creatures. I also got to dress up and declare myself ‘King of Cats’! Believe me, everyone was very impressed. Before I headed home I stuffed myself with a really big turkey leg and watched a joust. A joust is when two people ride horses…with sticks…yeah, sounds dangerous.  I will NOT be trying that at home, especially since I don’t have a horse. Anywho, check out my pictures!

– Elliot

Exciting and Brand Zoo…hehe

Roooooar Pen Pal,

I had a blast at the zoo today, right here in our own backyard of ATLANTA. The Zoo Atlanta was full of teachers, kids and most importantly…Animals! Some animals were very small and some were enormous. No matter what size they were, I learned that we have to be very careful and take care of our planet so that our animals can live on it with us. I don’t know about you, but I love animals…especially cats. Take a lot at all of my cool zoo pics!



Alllllll the way up?

Hey There Pen Pal,

I am in Tybee Island, Georgia for a special treat. Today I got to visit an actual lighthouse! It was built in 1773…so it’s older than the USA….and me. Lighthouses are really cool because they help boats tell when they’re getting close to land…they’re also reaaallly tall. I had to go up a lot of stairs, and it was pretty scary, but once I got to the top it was soooo cool. You HAVE to check out all of my cool pictures.