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Believe it or NOT!

Whoa, Hey there Pen Pal!

The Oldest Ripley's Believe It or Not!

The Oldest Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

I recently took a very short trip all the way to Florida! I traveled to St. Augustine, an amazing city right by the water! I love the water…but not actually getting in the water, unless it’s bath time. In St. Augustine, I visited the OLDEST and FIRST Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum…or Odditorium (I don’t know what that word means). This museum has over 800 exhibits and weird artifacts (artifacts are very old things made by people). I loved taking pictures of all the different things…but truthfully, it got kinda creepy in there. Have a look yourself!


Little Elliot in the Big Easy!

Hellllllooooo Pen Pal,

If you haven’t watched my video post, then you missed all the cool sites and sounds from my trip to New Orleans, Louisiana! New Orleans is a great city, full of music and food and fun people…I had a blast. This city never sleeps…but I do, and I got to sleep in a cool hotel every night right next to the Superdome (that’s where the football teams play). I also got to wake up every morning to delicious Beignets…they are like donuts and they are sooooo good! The music in New Orleans is wonderful, there are so many talented musicians from the great Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet, even the people we saw playing their instruments on the street! Okay, I’m getting long winded, just enjoy my pictures and stay tuned.


Alllllll the way up?

Hey There Pen Pal,

I am in Tybee Island, Georgia for a special treat. Today I got to visit an actual lighthouse! It was built in 1773…so it’s older than the USA….and me. Lighthouses are really cool because they help boats tell when they’re getting close to land…they’re also reaaallly tall. I had to go up a lot of stairs, and it was pretty scary, but once I got to the top it was soooo cool. You HAVE to check out all of my cool pictures.


Away to the coast!

Heeeeeey Pen Pal!

I am in Savannah, Georgia for this trip. Savannah is a great town, it’s old…wait no, it’s classic. It has a lot of great historic buildings and fountains and ghost stories. I didn’t stick around for any spooky tales, but I did stick around to see some great trains at the Georgia State Railroad Museum. I also got to stay up past my bedtime and visit Leopold’s for some late night ice cream. A lot of movie makers worked together to make Leopold’s great…it’s a pretty famous ice cream place…maybe I’ll get to make a movie there one day. Anyway, enjoy my pictures…they were a lot of fun to take!