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These are travels that I did right in my neighborhood! You should explore your own neighborhood.

Get your color on!!!

Pen Pal,

Just in case you missed it, you can click on the “Join in the Fun” tab up top and download your very own coloring sheet….with me! It’s loads of fun and it definitely takes a long time to color…perfect for a rainy, sunny, windy, snowy, cloudy or hot day.

Elliot's Seek and Find

HA! Later Gator!

Right Around the Corner!

Hey PenPal,

Title Card!

I wanted to share what I’ve been working on for so long! I had a chance to work with a lot of my friends on the a short film. We got our cameras and lights and filmed a movie. And then we even showed it to tons of folks right here in Atlanta, GA at the Center for Puppetry Arts! Hopefully we’ll get to film even more!



Right Around the Corner!!

Elliot the Cat in "Right Around the Corner"...that's me

Elliot the Cat in “Right Around the Corner”…that’s me

I debuted my short film “Right Around the Corner” last weekend in Atlanta, GA….that’s where I live. A lot of people came out to watch, and they got to listen to the greeeeeat music and musicians that provided music. Liiiiiiiiiike Jonas Friddle and the Majority and Sugar Tree!! I wanted everybody to listen to their awesome music! Enjoy and stay tuned.

Jonas Friddle and the Majority!

Annnnd SugarTree

What great music!

Days and Knights!

Huzzah Pen Pal,

Elliot, King of Cats has arrived!

Elliot, King of Cats has arrived!


I had a ball today! I got up nice and early (10:30!!) and headed down to Fairburn, Georgia for my adventure. I got a chance to see kings and queens and knights and…weird creatures. I also got to dress up and declare myself ‘King of Cats’! Believe me, everyone was very impressed. Before I headed home I stuffed myself with a really big turkey leg and watched a joust. A joust is when two people ride horses…with sticks…yeah, sounds dangerous.  I will NOT be trying that at home, especially since I don’t have a horse. Anywho, check out my pictures!

– Elliot