Cincinnati Museum Center (Part 2)

Hiya Hiya Penpal,

DSC_0927Wow, I’ve been so busy…I’ve been working on a special surprise for all my friends…but it’s not ready just yet. I almost forgot to share the rest of my pictures from the great state of Ohio!I got to go to TWO museums in one day. The first museum I saw was The Cincinnati Natural History and Science Museum. You can check out my adventures be scrolling down the page, HA! My next journey would be all the way across the building to The Cincinnati History Museum! Here we learned how PEOPLE lived a long time ago. Hope you enjoy some more of my pictures!




1 thought on “Cincinnati Museum Center (Part 2)

  1. Elizabeth Hardy

    Hi Elliot! Wow it sounds like you had an awesome time and learned lots of stuff. Maybe one day I’ll get to go there. For now I think I’m gonna try our museums here maybe I can find some awesome stuff like you did. Thanks again!


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