Trick or Treat !!!

Hey Hey, Pen Pal!

Happy Halloween! This holiday is a lot of fun, especially the part when you get to dress up like anything you want! This year I chose to be a PIRATE!!! Halloween is also great because we get to walk around our neighborhood with a grown up and get candy! We also give candy to all of our friends who come by and yell “TRICK OR TREAT!!”….Halloween is like Christmas…but with candy instead of presents. Tonight I have seen friends dressed up like Super Heroes, Princesses, Knights, and I even saw Darth Vader!

The best part of Halloween is relaxing at home and eating all the left over pumpkin seeds that we put in the oven. Yum, Yum, Yum…..annnnnnd once I get a grown up to check all of my candy, I am going to have a sugar feast!

Happy Halloween! Here are some pictures…



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